Three Favrile windows in the Board of Governors Hall of the American Red Cross National Headquarters building were commissioned from the Tiffany Studios in 1917 as the organization moved into its new building. They depict the theme of ministry to the sick and wounded through sacrifice. Dedicated in 1923, they are reputed to be the largest suite of Tiffany windows created for a secular environment and have remained in place where they can be appreciated in the environment for which they were created.  This is the middle window of the three.  They can be viewed together on the last page along with other examples of appraised items.

Why Appraise ?

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   To assure proper reimbursements for the ‘Unthinkable’ ~


If some of your valuables were stolen or lost, could you give an exact description ?

Could you prove ownership and worth ?

Could you list the items in just a single room in your home ?

How much would you not be compensated for ?

Fair Market Valuation - We provide our clients with the

appropriate type of appraisal to meet their specific needs ~



Long after the “price” is forgotten - peace of mind endures.

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