Three Favrile windows in the Board of Governors Hall of the American Red Cross National Headquarters building were commissioned from the Tiffany Studios in 1917 as the organization moved into its new building. They depict the theme of ministry to the sick and wounded through sacrifice. Dedicated in 1923, they are reputed to be the largest suite of Tiffany windows created for a secular environment and have remained in place where they can be appreciated in the environment for which they were created.  This is the left window of the three.  They can be viewed together on the last page along with other examples of appraised items.

General information

Written Appraisals



Charitable donation


Equitable Distribution which auctions and/or consignment



Estate Dispersal Management

Advising and/or assisting with the estate, counseling and/or valuing items going to the heirs or informing which auctions and/or consignment venues could handle the items.

Estate Sales

Entire house full of personal property and antiques to be liquidated.





Sales report provided

Removal of any remaining items

Premises left broom-clean

Personal property appraisals

Household as well as antiques

Single items or entire households


At our offices

Commercial property

Desks, chairs, office equipment, inventory, and anything other than the buildings or the land.

Verbal opinions of value

Unresearched value range based on experience of appraiser.

Useful when simple objects are to be sold

How can I determine if what I have is worth the expense of an appraisal?

We will gladly discuss with you the items you may need to have appraised, in order to determine if the expense is warranted.  This usually requires a visual inspection at our regular hourly fee.

Do you use consulting specialists when appropriate?


Yes, we have developed contacts throughout the United States and abroad to call upon when necessary.

Does your insurance agent recommend  photographing or video recording your belongings?


Especially valuable collections or antiques?

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